Wolf, Engraved Leather Bracers, Waxed


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A pair of engraved leather bracers consisting of hand stained brown, laser engraved upper stitched to an brown suede liner.

Upper leather is 2.4mm thick veg tan which is engraved by laser then hand stained before being wax sealed to improve water resistance.

the wax sealing is done by using an iron to melt wax into the leather. This is messy and can lead to some wax staining of the lower lining

Lower lining is 1.6mm suede.

Engraving is done by laser, image is a norse wolf

Fastened with strap and buckles which means they are quick and easy to put on unlike all those others with fiddly lacing.

Dimensions of the bracer, width at bottom 14cm, width at top 21cm, length 22cm, wrist strap fits 16-26cm upper strap fits 20-30cm

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