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No not a dwarf leather pouch because it's small, or because it's made from dwarf skin but a dwarf pouch because it's shape was inspired by the forms used for the dwarves in the Hobbit. A trapezoid pouch made from medium weight leather(1..8-2mm thick), fastened with a 3/4" buckle. Top of the pouch is 6"(150mm) wide, base is 8"(200mm), depth 3/4"(20mm) and the whole is 8"(150mm) tall. It's  attached to a belt by straps.

The Goblin Guide

+ Made by us in the UK.
+ Real leather, but not from dwarves.

+ Steel rivets for strength because we can't afford mithryl.

+ Steel buckle for strength, roller section for easy fastening.

+ Designed by Roleplayers for Roleplayers.

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