Larp Belt pouches

A wide selection of belt pouches from the small soft pouch to the mighty Monster pouch, with many specialist pouches designed with the Larp in mind.

It five gold to pass.”
“Not a problem my good guard-orc! Let me just…Oh flip.”
Drizario The Enchanter fumbled around in his pocket.
“Ummm, I think I left my gold at home. I don’t suppose you could let us just pass anyway?”
Drizario screamed and ran away. Just once it would be nice to have an encounter that didn’t end with screaming and running away.


It’s amazing on an adventure just how much stuff you acquire. IC money, maps, bits of dead goblins. To say nothing of the OOC stuff you need to keep hidden away- phone, wallet, bits of dead goblins.


Well, that’s why you need a few pouches.



Everyday Adventuring wear

Something for everyone!


The A5 belt pouch is a perfect piece of generic kit. Suitable for pretty much any character, this pouch is great for keeping, money, poison vials and jelly babies safe and secure. Although personally I’d keep my poison and jelly babies in separate pouches…

Also available on belt loops, for the more…loopy adventurer, the A5 hanging pouch



Despite the name, the Pixie Pouch is suitable for lots of character concepts, not just fae.

This is a really handy tiny pouch which is perfect for that special, emergency potion that you don’t want to get mixed up with any of the others. Or for hiding a few coins away when you’re dividing up the party loot.


A bit fancy….

Something a little more...distinctive.


The Bollock Pouch, so called because of Tim’s language when making this. Just kidding, it’s a traditional historically inspired design. This pouch looks great in any fantasy setting and it’s a bit more individual looking that some other pouches- although just as sturdy.


Chunky Triple might make you think of a really odd weapon call, but it’s also a pouch! This pouch gives you three separate compartments to store your tat. The Suede edging gives it a classy look and the leather is really top quality. As a cheeky bonus, with no metal buckles, this pouch won’t glint in the moonlight- perfect for night time sneaking…



The Kitchen sink

Something for when you need to carry everything. Just try not to over balance.



Got stuff too big for your pockets and too small for a backpack? Then you need the Large Leather Pouch! This pouch is perfect for ritual grubbins, thieves’ tools and other stuff you need to hand rather than in the bottom of a backpack.


RIGHT, you asked for it! The MONSTER POUCH! This pouch is serious. How serious? A chat with a senior ref about nerfing your magic items serious. This pouch is huge? How huge? Big enough to fit your entire party in to smuggle them past a sentry. Ok, it’s not that big, but you can get your entire fist into it easily. Loops on the side are a nice feature for tying on other bits of tat. Just in case you have so much tat you can’t fit it into this bad boy…