Leather Shoulder Armour

Let Darkblade Larp help keep your head on your shoulders. A selection of leather armour for your shoulders. Pauldrons, gorgets, spaulders and haute pieces for your upper arms and neck.


Shoulder armour, why bother? Whilst they rarely affect the armour value of your larp character often it's all about the look. Extra shoulder armour can make your character look bigger and meaner. It's a great way to finish your completely armoured look or a as a statement piece when you are playing a nearly unarmoured barbarian. Worn over a set of chain they can add to the impressive look by adding bulk and width to your shoulders, always important for intimidation. A good example of this is the Raider Shoulder Armour, a series of leather lames which are highly flexible but add that bulky look. Another is the Karnesh Shoulder Armour which has haute pieces which stick up vertically from the shoulders adding to your size and stopping those wild shots from taking your head off.


If you're looking for something to complement your fur clad barbarian then the Nomad Leather Shoulder armour is worth a look. A single sided piece which can be worn on either side the added size and asymmetry will make you stand out from the rabble surrounding you.


Unlike other sites all our shoulder armour comes ready to wear complete with the necessary gorget or mounting plate, you don't have to buy a seperate gorget. Of course if you already have a set of armour complete with mounting points or buckles we can easily adapt our designs so they can be mounted onto your armour.