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Articulated Bridle Gauntlets of heavy leather with additional studs offering a combination of protection and mobility. The gauntlets are held on by two fixed palm straps and  fastened to your wrist using a 3/4" wrist strap with a further 2 straps closing the vambrace section. This style of arm protection does restrict wrist movement to a small degree and would not be suitable for  a fencing fighting style. The thumb cover features two hinge points to allow you to fully grip things without restiction. Matching Decorated greaves are also available.

The Goblin Guide

+ Designed by Roleplayers for Roleplayers
+ Made by us in the UK - not imported
+ Real leather, not leatherboard or leatherette

+ Single thickness of leather, no cheap composites.

+ Steel rivets for strength which are nickel or brass plated for corrosion resistance.

+ Steel buckle for strength, roller section for easy fastening.

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