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Ideal for the barbarian or tribal look these vambraces are built using a layer of hair on cow hide, stitched to a reinforcing lower leather layer. 
Available in both lace or buckled fastening. Laced vambraces length at longest 8 1/4" (210mm) Width at bottom 6" (155mm), width at top 7 3/4" (195mm), lace holes are reinforced with brass or nickle plated steel eyelets. Buckled vambraces width at bottom 14cm, width at top 21cm, length 22cm, wrist strap fits 17.5-27.5cm upper strap fits 20-30cm. 

The pictures are for guidance only, the actual shade/ patterning of the hair will vary from vambrace to vambrace but we're happy to provide pictures of the skins we have in when you want to order.

The Goblin Guide

+ Designed by Roleplayers for Barbarians
+ Made by us in the UK.
+ You can tell it's real leather, it's still got the hair on
+ All lacing holes reinforced with eyelets.

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