A choice selection of shirts, tunics and cloaks. Perfect for Larp, medieval banquets and weddings.

HALT! Who goes there?”

“I am just a simple traveller. Here for the fayre…”
THUNK! The guard’s crossbow stuck him to the tree like a messy kebab. Her fellow guard turned to her, his mouth agape with horror.

By the gods! Why did you shoot him!”
“Because he was a barabiarn trying to sneak into the camp.”

How did you know?”
“Because he wasn’t wearing a shirt.”


Don’t get shot by a guard with a crossbow. Wear a shirt.


A good quality LARP shirt is an indispensable piece of kit. You can go for something flashy and outrageous to make you stand out, or perhaps something a little plainer that you can use for multiple characters and jazz up with accessories.


All our shirts are good quality, and with proper care they will last you event after event and year after year.


All purpose adventuring shirts


These are a great buy. If you’re an old far- I mean, experienced LARPer or a newcomer to the hobby, a solid base layer of costume will let you portray any number of characters. Another good thing about a plain In Character shirt is that when you’re monstering, you can throw pretty much anything on the top of it and you’re good to go!


Our Adventurers shirt is a good bet for a wide range of characters. Good stiching means it won’t rip when you’re sneaking through the woods and  is nice and loose for sword fighting/castings spells/running away screaming.


For something with a little more “northern” feel that isn’t too barbaric, consider the costume tunic we offer.


Fancy stuff


If you’re playing a decadent noble/pirate queen/dodgy Dark Elf then you’ll be after something a bit more…distinctive. A fancy shirt can change “Oh. It’s you.” To “OOOOOOOOH! It’s YOU!”.
Trust me.

As unpronounceable as it is classy, the Landsknecht shirt has billowy sleeves in a strong contrasting colour. The cut of this shirt and the lacing makes sure that you will be the best dressed murder-hobo around!


Our Pirate Shirt is timber-shivering good! Lots of frills, lace and general foppishness makes this shirt great for rum drinking, roaring and mainbrace splicing action!

What makes these shirts so good? THEY JUST ARRRRR!....sorry. Couldn’t resist.


CAPTAIN ON DECK! Who’s the Captain? YOU are! This is a great coat for any successful pirate. Or maybe you found a successful pirate and robbed him! Who knows! This coat is designed for action. Pockets for storing booty/potions and a slit at the side for your cutlass. Designed for LARPers who like to roar “Faster ye scurvy dogs! I’ll keel haul your gizzards!” rather than say “aye aye captain”.


Staying warm


The most important thing about LARP is to stay warm. If you’re shivering, cold and miserable you won’t have a good time. Having warm IC kit means you can stay up all night singing songs and quaffing ale and not lose a finger to frostbite.


This wrist-to-knee tunic is made of wool rich fabric and is great as a base layer to keep you warm. A solid investment as it is also useable for lots of characters.


A good wool cloak like this is the perfect thing for staying warm. And for sneaking around shiving people. We don’t judge. This cloak has a built in hood to keep of the rain and is wide enough to wrap around on those chilly nights in a field. You can also pull the hood up and sit in a corner of the tavern distributing adventure hooks.


Or, with Winter just around the corner (or so I’m told) you can push the boat out on our incredibly warm, super awesome looking and NOT-AT-ALL-INSPIRED-BY-GAME-OF-THRONES,-SHUT-UP-YOU- KNOW-NOTHING cloak! As well as being toasty warm, this cloak is beautifully made.

The fur is 100% REAL sheepskin, not itchy synthetics and the straps are solid thick leather.