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It's the hero belt that's hairy not the hero.  Although they could be. Not that this is a pre-requisite for owning a hairy hero belt. Based on our four inch wide Straight hero belt this has a layer of hair on cow hide stitched onto a layer of heavy leather so it still give great support but with the added bonus of being hairy! As with all our hero belts the integral belt of 1 3/4 inches can be completely removed from the hero belt section to allow you to load up with all your usual belt paraphernalia.

Please note that colours can vary from that pictured. If you want to see what skins we have in stock at the moment to make things from feel free to drop us a line.

The Goblin Guide

+ Designed by Roleplayers for barbarians.
+ Real cowhide on real leather.
+ Keeps all your kit in place on the inner belt.

+ Solid brass or nickel plated brass buckle.

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