Everyone needs a belt to hold stuff on, even if it's just the severed heads of your enemies. There's a belt for every occasion and every character running from a simple 1" belt to a massive 6" wide Dwarven hero belt. For Larp, medieval banquets and weddings

The evil Lord Hackstab Von Twirlstache laughed like a very sinister drain.


HAHAHAHAH! Foolish heroes! You’ll never defea- OH FLIP!” At this point his trousers fell down and the heroes ganked him.


Should have brought a belt….


Belts are a vital part of any LARP costume and Darkblade does a fantastic range of different styles and shapes for every character and budget.

All our belts are made from thick, quality leather

A good belt can really bring a costume together. They break up big blocks of colour and pull in loose fabric. The right accessories really make a character and you can do worse than start with a top quality belt.


On a practical note, they will keep all the numerous pouches, scabbards, sheafs and bits of tat you acquire at an event within hand’s reach.

Beginner Belts

These are great for those just starting out in the hobby. Buy a good quality belt that you can use across lots of different characters and systems and you can’t go far wrong.

The 1” belt is the cheapest one we mak and is a great starting point.


The slightly wider 1.5” larp belt is a good option as well and is thick enough to hold up chainmail

Or for a few more quid, get a 2” version

Yes, you can buy a belt from a charity shop. But then it will look like a belt from a charity shop. And you don’t want that now do you?

Long belts

Now we’re talking!

These are designed to wrap around and dangle for a classic medieval fantasy look.

Ideal for swordsmen and swordswomen, decadent nobles and basically any character who wants to look posh.

We also have this one which was inspired by the work of a certain fantasy author recently adapted into a popular television series.

THE IDEA CAME TO US IN A DREAM. We've called it the The Not game of thrones belt

Hero Belts

For the truly heroic, we have the abruptly named Hero Belts. These epic belts of legend which say loud and clear “I am a hero! INSERT PLOT HOOK HERE.”

Thick enough to be armour in their own right, these belts rightly draw the eye and make a statement that your character is not to be trifled with.

Perfect for all warrior types, or with our engraving service they make fantastic Mage Armour for Empire.

On another note, they are rather good at holding in a beer gut, which some of the more…”heroically built” adventurers might appreciate.

Hero belts range from the generic ones, suitable for a wide range of characters

There also a a few more high fantasy options for Dark Lords, Mighty Wizards and everything in-between!


Something else we are really proud of is the Heroine Belt.

Designed BY Larpers FOR Larpers, this is sized and tailored to a more curvy fit. So you can keep all your murdering tools sitting nicely.

And finally this beast of a belt, The Atlas

Yes that’s right, it’s TWO belts. Not for the faint of heart or the un-girded of loins, this belt is practically a player character in it’s own right in most systems.