Larp Costumes

A range of Larp clothing to cover all your needs. We stock several types of shirt, the medieval shirt is the classic larp shirt covering a range of looks while the heavy cotton shirts are a must for larping in the colder months when they provide a good base layer. To go over the shirts we offer tunics and tabards. The medieval tunic with its short sleeves can be very effective as part of a layered look while the wool tunic can combine nicely with the heavy shirt to keep you warm.

Tabards are a useful piece of larp costume as they can be used as a top layer to identify your character. Whilst it would be nice to have a different set of leather armour for each of your characters it's not always affordable. Identifying a character using a tabard means that you can recyle that old set of leather armour

We've not forgotten legs in your costume either, the Rus pants give plenty of room for the vigorous activities involved in larping, whilst the medieval larp boots can give an authentic look to your legwear.

Belts are a major part of a character's kit. With a lack of pockets belts are needed to hold pouches, and scabbards are handy things to have on you as well when larping. The belts range from a simple 1” belt via the 2" Larp belt to the 4” wide straight hero belt to the massive 6” Wiide hero belt. There's also some twiddly ones as well just for fun.

Finally we get to the head. It's not just hoods, although we have a wide variety including leather , wool and cotton. We've got headbands so your head doesn't look totally

unarmoured, we've got berets so you can show your style! And we've got WIZARD hats. What more could you ask for when you're going larping?