Small Vambraces

26 Jul 2020

ladies armour

Quite a while ago I settled on a one size fits most pattern for our vambraces. WIth four inches of adjustment they've mostly proved up to the task set them. Those peple who fell outside this range I was quite happy to offer a custom fit for the same pricce, in most cases it only involved moving the pattern around a bit. Recently though we've had a number of request for a smaller size as... read more

Ladies Larp armour

21 Mar 2019

ladies armour

Toady we've been building a Robyn Hoodie, a style of ladies suede larp armour with a built in hood. The suede jackets have been going for a number of years so recently we decided they needed a refresh. The basic jacket is still a good solid piece of kit so we didn't want to be too radical. The leaf armour with a built in hood had been well recieved so we added a hood and beefed up the... read more

Ladies battlecoat for Larp

18 Mar 2019

ladies armour

Today we've been building a ladies battlecoat in the smallest size we make, a UK 6-10. The origin of this design goes back to the very earliest armours we made. Back then the only metal armour available for Larp was very expensive reenactment stuff. This led to all sorts of attempts to produce better armour at affordable prices. Our local system had plated leather as an option so we looke... read more