Walter Hero Belt

20 Dec 2019

hero belt

Hero belts have been a staple of Larp costume for quite a few years now. In the early days they were wide belts that buckled up at the back and often had a large decorated disc at the front. They looked good and gave a measure of support, the down side was you had to wear a normal belt as well to put all your stuff on. Now hero belts have integral belts built into them that can be taken out comple... read more

Hero Belt

15 Apr 2019

hero belt

Today I've been working on a custom length hero belt. These are really useful pieces of kit for a number of reasons. The standard belt is 4" wide with an inner belt that can be fully removed. This means that after you've loaded your belt up with all your pouches and scabbards when you take it off to go to the loo, put another layer one etc nothing moves around and it's easy t... read more

Larp throwing knife belt

26 Mar 2019

hero belt

Today's task has been to modify our throwing knife belt to take a different model of throwing knife. The belt is based on our hero belt with the plate enlarged to carry the knives. The idea was to make a big show of the knives so it could act as a centrepiece for a costume concept. Throwing knives also make people think twice about spellcasting near you as it's an effective way of disrupti... read more

Dwarven Hero Belt

14 Mar 2019

hero belt

We haven't made one of these in a little while as it's something we only make for orders and don't make as stock to carry at Larp show in the field. It's a 6" wide hero belt but the loops have a little more detail. They're based on hexagons, inspired by all the hexagons used in the dwarves kit in the Hobbit films.  As with all our hero belts the two inner belts can... read more