Engraved Range

21 Oct 2020

larp bag

We've had a laser in the corner of the workshop for the best part of 15 years now. In that time it's had two new laser tubes, new power supply, new motherboard and a replacement water pump, but it's still the same old laser. We use it to put images on various leather goods although by far the most populous of these is vambraces. Most of the images in the catalogue also date back about ... read more

Fox Bag

11 Dec 2019

larp bag

This is based on some work I did last winter. I wanted to make our satchels more individual but based on standard sizes to keep production simple. The idea I had was to applique things onto the flap of the satchel. The fox was the first one I did and it sold before the bag was even complete. All I posted was a picture of the flap on facebook and someone baggsied it.As they were so enthused abou... read more

Frog satchel

16 Feb 2019

larp bag

This is one of the new fun items we've been working on over the winter. The use of applique to put decorations onto a standard Larp satchel isn't something we've ven tried before and involved some polishing of our machining skills. It also needed a new foot for the sewing machine as the standard one we use for most things covered half the frog's head so we couldn't see where to... read more