Peacock Satchel

03 Feb 2020

larp satchel

This was a customer request after they'd seen some of the other applique bags we've done in the past. Like all the applique work it presents a number of technical challenges.   The first challenge is creating the design. It can't be too complex or it will cost too much to cut and sew. It also has to be instantly recognisable as the thing it's supposed to be. No one want&... read more

Alchemist's Arsenal

08 Jan 2020

larp satchel

The bag for the Alchemist on the move. All you need to make your potions on the go. The idea for this came from a conversation with an older roleplayer who played an alchemist but found he was restricted when it came to adventures as his kit was far to bulky to carry. We'd already made the healer's satchel and it was only a small stretch to source a mortar and pestle and swap it for the sc... read more

Fox Bag

11 Dec 2019

larp satchel

This is based on some work I did last winter. I wanted to make our satchels more individual but based on standard sizes to keep production simple. The idea I had was to applique things onto the flap of the satchel. The fox was the first one I did and it sold before the bag was even complete. All I posted was a picture of the flap on facebook and someone baggsied it.As they were so enthused abou... read more

Frog satchel

16 Feb 2019

larp satchel

This is one of the new fun items we've been working on over the winter. The use of applique to put decorations onto a standard Larp satchel isn't something we've ven tried before and involved some polishing of our machining skills. It also needed a new foot for the sewing machine as the standard one we use for most things covered half the frog's head so we couldn't see where to... read more