New Larp Player Kit

07 Jan 2018


Getting your first ever kit together can be really intimidating. Firstly, knowing where to start and secondly with all the time and money involved. Costume standards in LARP have been steadily increasing, with some players looking like they have just stepped off a film set. This is obviously a good thing, as I’m sure some of the more silver haired players can remember leather biker trouse... read more

The Blackguard Helmet

08 Jun 2017


For the latest new products I've asked some other people to get involved with the writing of blurb and blog entries. This is the first of them The Blackguard Helmet “He cut us down. All of us. Laughing while he did it. He was huge, like an oak and he wore this dark helmet that showed only his eyes…” The Blackguard is a strong, solid helmet designed to withstand the ... read more

Too Long

07 May 2017


Looks like Tim hasn't posted anything in here for a while. He will probably say he has been too busy....I think he has been riding his Triumph in the nice sunny weather ! Not too sure what to say/post. I could say the day started with a healthy fry-up at the local cafe, a trip to Castleton and Grindleford in the Peak District and then listened to the Man Utd v Arsenal game but that just dep... read more

Dwarven leather vambraces

07 Dec 2016


As with lots of people in Larp I was inspired by the designs in both LOTR and the Hobbit. The dwarven stuff especially caught my eye so I designed these vambraces based on the images from the films. They feature two layers to give that slightly sticking out look of the films and added hexagon plates as hexagons were a major shape in a lot of the dwarven stuff. In the film the vambraces often ran o... read more

Musketeer shoulder

01 Dec 2016


I've been meaning to make one of these ever since the series came on TV. For this test one I've used the same mounting plate that we have for our single shoulder armour with all the lames. The difficulty on this one was getting the curves and the rivet points in the right relationship. A change of only a few mm made a big difference to the curve so there was a fair bit of trial and erro... read more