Heath Robinson

10 Oct 2018


We've had a Singer 45K cylinder arm sewing machine in the workshop for at least 5 years now. This is a powerful machine capable of sewing at least 9mm of leather together. Unfortunately cylinder arm machines are not really designed for the type of sewing we do, fantastic for hats, but awkward for flat panels like body armours and vambraces. So after 3 years of winters saying we must so... read more

Packed and Ready to Go

11 Sep 2018


The workshop is packed and ready to go to the last LARP event of the year...     read more

LARP Stock

08 Sep 2018


Run up to the Empire LARP event next weekend so a mad build of Scroll Tubes and Water Bottle Carriers !   read more

End of Season

06 Sep 2018


Only one more major event of the year to go - Empire Autumn Equinox event on the 14-16 September. Following the Bank Holiday events it has been a case of unpacking, re-stocking/re-building items and preparing to re-pack the workshop into the van one last time.  While also building and packing and sending the website orders. Once the event season is over we may get chance to have a good ... read more

New Larp Player Kit

07 Jan 2018


Getting your first ever kit together can be really intimidating. Firstly, knowing where to start and secondly with all the time and money involved. Costume standards in LARP have been steadily increasing, with some players looking like they have just stepped off a film set. This is obviously a good thing, as I’m sure some of the more silver haired players can remember leather biker trouse... read more