Medic's pouch

19 Apr 2019

larp healer

Today has been spent building Medic's pouches. These are a spin off of our Healer's satchel which was a popular addition to our healer's range last year. The concept was to provide a basic medical kit attached to some way of carrying soem of the exgtra stuff that healers always need including any reference sheets. The satchel had the medical stuff mounted on the front of the satch... read more

Herr Doktor

16 Apr 2019

larp healer

Today's build was a Herr Doktor. This is a medical apron with potion bottles built into the top along with some small pouches which were designed to hold the magical cards which some systems issue with the potions. The original spark for the idea came from an old Frankenstien movie where the Doctor has just got the creature to rise for the first time. We just added the potion bottles to make i... read more

The Doktor will see you now

12 Oct 2016

larp healer

The Herr Doktor apron was inspired by the Salvation medical bag as a cheaper and different way of outfitting a battle surgeon. It's quite easy to picture someone up to their elbows on gore running from one casualty to the next causing terror wherever they stop. It's also inspired the vambrace kits with potion bottles and scalpels on them. It might even be time to revisit the Herr Doktor... read more