Chemisphere bottles

06 Apr 2019

potion pouch

New products can come at any time not just when you've decided to make a new variation. A 250ml spherical plastic bottle landed on my desk a few days ago and screamed at me to design a way of carrying it. I used a laced together design, not something that I normally do but there were a couple of reasons. First it needed to be something that could be taken apart and reused with a replacement bo... read more

The Doktor will see you now

12 Oct 2016

potion pouch

The Herr Doktor apron was inspired by the Salvation medical bag as a cheaper and different way of outfitting a battle surgeon. It's quite easy to picture someone up to their elbows on gore running from one casualty to the next causing terror wherever they stop. It's also inspired the vambrace kits with potion bottles and scalpels on them. It might even be time to revisit the Herr Doktor... read more

SIngle potion pouch

03 Oct 2016

potion pouch

Sometimes what we build is driven by rules changes at one of the big systems. In this case it's to do with carrying lammies with potions at the Empire Larp events. The potion has to be carried with the lammie. This is still open to interpretation but we've gone down the route of making room in the potion carrier for the lammie so there can be no argument. We've made it a single to keep... read more