Walter Hero Belt

20 Dec 2019


Hero belts have been a staple of Larp costume for quite a few years now. In the early days they were wide belts that buckled up at the back and often had a large decorated disc at the front. They looked good and gave a measure of support, the down side was you had to wear a normal belt as well to put all your stuff on. Now hero belts have integral belts built into them that can be taken out comple... read more

Seeing eye eyepatch

28 Sep 2016


It's always fun to try different approaches to items you've made before. We've made plenty of standard pirate eyepatches in the past and even some with gemstones on the outside in a eye outline. When we got hold of the eye cabachons which we've used on lots of other products as one offs the obvoius thing was to aadd it to an eyepatch. We've got the Seeing Eye Patch on the websi... read more

Fiat lux

22 Jun 2016


It's always been a problem, how to provide a light that looks th part in a fantasy setting without the inherent dangers of naked flames and combat. Having been next to someone who set fire to themselves during a time freeze it doesn't even have to be during a fight. There's also the scenario of canvas tents,alcohol and man's red fire. Various things have been tried, we sold batt... read more