Full scabbards

21 Jan 2020

larp scabbard

We make full scabbards both for our own swords and as custom fit for customer's own swords. In recent years we've also been cooperating with some of the weapon makers to provide scabbards to fit their swords which are sold on the same Larp circuit we trade at. It all started when customers came in asking for scabbards that would work with a particular style of sword which was heavily ... read more

Full Larp sword scabbard

08 Mar 2019

larp scabbard

Today we've been building full scabbards for Larp swords. We started with a custom order but then carried on making for stock for the upcoming events. We've changed to a heavier grade leather then the original scabbards. it's pushed the cost up slightly but give more protection. The tricky bit was getting the balance right so the scabbard stays level both when it's got the sword in... read more

Witcher double back scabbard

17 Oct 2016

larp scabbard

Inspiration for players comes from a variety of sources, computer games being one of them. We've had a stab at a twin back scabbard based on the ones from the Witcher series of games. This is the first pass based on the single back scabbard we already make It's not a copy of the Witcher one as there are plenty of people making replicas but an attempt to give the same look if someones ch... read more

Arnie and promotion in the field

04 Mar 2016

larp scabbard

Back in the days before everything was bought on the internet the most important event for us to attend was the Gathering run by Lorien Trust. This ran over the August bank holiday weekend and doing well at that made the difference between having a good Christmas or eating beans until the next Easter. To help us attract people to the stall a friend wrote a series of advertorials which we gave out ... read more

Larp Throwing Knives

23 Jan 2016

larp scabbard

We've recently taken delivery of a bunch of new larp throwing knives. Whilst we've put the first of them in a Twin throwing knife vambrace decisions have to be made as to how to carry the rest. Over the past 6 years we've had our own larp throwing knives and in that time developed a range of scabbardry starting from the general purpose sheath 3 rack which formed the basis of our des... read more