Larp throwing knife belt

26 Mar 2019

larp throwing knives

Today's task has been to modify our throwing knife belt to take a different model of throwing knife. The belt is based on our hero belt with the plate enlarged to carry the knives. The idea was to make a big show of the knives so it could act as a centrepiece for a costume concept. Throwing knives also make people think twice about spellcasting near you as it's an effective way of disrupti... read more

Larp throwing knife bandolier

12 Mar 2019

larp throwing knives

One of the things we built today was a larp throwing knife bandolier. Now you're not going to take down amny monsters with throwing knives but if you get yourself in the right place you can cause all sorts of chaos and confusion with spellcasters whenever they try and get their verbals out. Putting them on a bandolier looks cool as well and that's half the fun in Larp. read more

Larp Throwing Knives

23 Jan 2016

larp throwing knives

We've recently taken delivery of a bunch of new larp throwing knives. Whilst we've put the first of them in a Twin throwing knife vambrace decisions have to be made as to how to carry the rest. Over the past 6 years we've had our own larp throwing knives and in that time developed a range of scabbardry starting from the general purpose sheath 3 rack which formed the basis of our des... read more