Packed and Ready to Go

11 Sep 2018


The workshop is packed and ready to go to the last LARP event of the year...     read more

End of Season

06 Sep 2018


Only one more major event of the year to go - Empire Autumn Equinox event on the 14-16 September. Following the Bank Holiday events it has been a case of unpacking, re-stocking/re-building items and preparing to re-pack the workshop into the van one last time.  While also building and packing and sending the website orders. Once the event season is over we may get chance to have a good ... read more

Too Long

07 May 2017


Looks like Tim hasn't posted anything in here for a while. He will probably say he has been too busy....I think he has been riding his Triumph in the nice sunny weather ! Not too sure what to say/post. I could say the day started with a healthy fry-up at the local cafe, a trip to Castleton and Grindleford in the Peak District and then listened to the Man Utd v Arsenal game but that just dep... read more

Trading season starts

08 Feb 2016


This weekend saw the first of the events which involve us leaving the comfort and security of the workshop. It also marks the point where we have to do some work as we can't get the goblins to come out of the cellars to help us away from home. Gloucester was the destination, for the What's Your Game kit fair. Most of the usual Larp traders were there with one or two newer faces who'... read more

New Cloak Pins

19 Dec 2015


I was working in the workshop one afternoon when a nice man from Pakistan rang and asked if I wanted any leather Larp goods (you know Larp is now mainstream when a nice man from Pakistan rings you up and mentions the acronym specifically). I said no thank you we make all our own leather stuff but did he do any ironwork? Yes he did, and on the back of that I gave him my spam e-mail address and he s... read more