Your first character’s kit By Jack Shannon

07 Apr 2021

LARP Stuff

FANTASTIC! You’ve started LARPing! This is great news. But understandably, you’re feeling a *bit* wobbly about how to actually, y’know, put it all together. But hey, don’t worry! Your buddies at Darkblade are here with some tips. SORT YOUR BASE LAYER What the flip is a “base layer”? A base layer is the stuff that goes next to your skin. It’s the ... read more

Fur Mantle

24 Oct 2020

LARP Stuff

Occasionally people ask what's involved in making things so I thought I'd quickly run through the process of stuff as it landed on the workbench and time allowed. First up is the fur mantle, it was originally designed when I read the brief for Wintermark at Empire but it fits well with quite a few briefs. Picture 1, The fur. All the fur I use is synthetic. The quality of this has... read more

Fiat lux

22 Jun 2016

LARP Stuff

It's always been a problem, how to provide a light that looks th part in a fantasy setting without the inherent dangers of naked flames and combat. Having been next to someone who set fire to themselves during a time freeze it doesn't even have to be during a fight. There's also the scenario of canvas tents,alcohol and man's red fire. Various things have been tried, we sold batt... read more

Pouch Advertorial

17 Jan 2016

LARP Stuff

Running out of hands to carry all that stuff? Boots uncomfortable with all that loot stuffed in them? Well no longer – the answer is here, the Large leather belt pouch. Designed to attach to the belt and carry all manner of stuff and leave your hands free for more important things like weapons., But that's not the only feature of the Large leather belt pouch – It's reusab... read more

More Blog Stuff

02 Dec 2015

LARP Stuff

Another quick Blog entry so Tim can have a go at doing some moderating, when I have replied to my own Blog. I suppose I had better type something sensible in here about LARP - not too sure what to waffle about - other than this week I have mainly been packing orders, cutting bits of leather into smaller bits of leather and oh, finished a Fergal Coat of Arms, put some poppers on LARP Mace Clips,... read more