Orc Ripper Helmet

11 Oct 2016


I do like the look of this helmet. It was obviously inspired by some of the orc helmets from Lord of the Rings, but it's one thing to see a picture and another to actually get a similar sort of look when it's in three dimensions and a different material. The spikes took quite a while to get right and have to be exacly the right combination of thickness and flexibility. Too thick and yo... read more

Orc commission

06 Dec 2015


Leather armour for an Orc shaman read more


24 Jul 2015


Sometimes I forget what things are supposed to look like. A customer recently ordered one our leather plate warcoats in a size 8. Now we don’t have a seperate pattern for a size 8 so I had to use a plain size 8 pattern and hand lay the plates and other decoration over the top. The problem was I forgot that this warcoat doesn’t had rivet decoration all round the edge as standard. Luckil... read more