Engraved Range

21 Oct 2020


We've had a laser in the corner of the workshop for the best part of 15 years now. In that time it's had two new laser tubes, new power supply, new motherboard and a replacement water pump, but it's still the same old laser. We use it to put images on various leather goods although by far the most populous of these is vambraces. Most of the images in the catalogue also date back about ... read more

Fiat lux

22 Jun 2016


It's always been a problem, how to provide a light that looks th part in a fantasy setting without the inherent dangers of naked flames and combat. Having been next to someone who set fire to themselves during a time freeze it doesn't even have to be during a fight. There's also the scenario of canvas tents,alcohol and man's red fire. Various things have been tried, we sold batt... read more

Orc commission

06 Dec 2015


Leather armour for an Orc shaman read more

Eye, eye

24 Jul 2015


A few years ago I saw some pouches made by a guy in America where he’d moulded eyes into the flap. It struck me as a cool idea so I filed it away until some eye cabachons crossed my path whilst I was looking for something else entirely. I didn’t want to just copy what he’d done so I’ve made them look out from holes, as though they’re seperate from the bag rather than ... read more