Engraved Range

21 Oct 2020

Leather Pouch

We've had a laser in the corner of the workshop for the best part of 15 years now. In that time it's had two new laser tubes, new power supply, new motherboard and a replacement water pump, but it's still the same old laser. We use it to put images on various leather goods although by far the most populous of these is vambraces. Most of the images in the catalogue also date back about ... read more

New Pouch Design WIP

04 Mar 2020

Leather Pouch

This is a slightly more in depth look at a new pouch design I posted about on Facebook and Intagram recently. Last week one of my irregular leather suppliers turned up with some heavy upholstery leather(1.2mm) in a golden yellow. It reminded me of a picture I'd seen of a medieval pouch so I set out to make my own version. This was primarily intended for Empire where a medieval pouch of that... read more

Basic design thoughts behind our Larp pouches, part two

02 Mar 2020

Leather Pouch

Sorry, got a bit distracted by the boot cover. As promised, below you can see a picture of the finished pouch. I've closed it using a strap and buckle set but other options are loop and toggle, a tongue and loop or there are any number of latches. I've gone for a chunky strap width as this pouch is made from 3.5mm thick leather so is quite solid and I think the fastening has to reflec... read more

Trapezium leather pouch

25 Nov 2019

Leather Pouch

There's always time to make a new pouch, you can never have too many pouches in Larp. Rather than being based on a specific need like a lot of our pouches this one is based on a medieval design general purpose pouch. It's built with medium weight leather using rivets rather than being stitched. We've also gone for a different belt loop from the standard ones, which hang it from the bel... read more

Empty Potion Bottles

30 Mar 2019

Leather Pouch

Today's build was potion pouches. Everyone needs a way to carry their potions while on a larp so we designed a range of pouches to do this. In the bad old days of diy we used to collect those little shampoo bottles from hotels and make small pouches to put them in. This is fine when you're only sorting stuff out for your own character because you only need a handful of bottles. When you wa... read more