New Larp Player Kit

07 Jan 2018

Leather Pouch

Getting your first ever kit together can be really intimidating. Firstly, knowing where to start and secondly with all the time and money involved. Costume standards in LARP have been steadily increasing, with some players looking like they have just stepped off a film set. This is obviously a good thing, as I’m sure some of the more silver haired players can remember leather biker trouse... read more

Pouch Advertorial

17 Jan 2016

Leather Pouch

Running out of hands to carry all that stuff? Boots uncomfortable with all that loot stuffed in them? Well no longer – the answer is here, the Large leather belt pouch. Designed to attach to the belt and carry all manner of stuff and leave your hands free for more important things like weapons., But that's not the only feature of the Large leather belt pouch – It's reusab... read more

Eye, eye

24 Jul 2015

Leather Pouch

A few years ago I saw some pouches made by a guy in America where he’d moulded eyes into the flap. It struck me as a cool idea so I filed it away until some eye cabachons crossed my path whilst I was looking for something else entirely. I didn’t want to just copy what he’d done so I’ve made them look out from holes, as though they’re seperate from the bag rather than ... read more