Big ring leather armour

04 Apr 2019

Arm Armour

Today has been about arm(vambraces) and leg(greaves) armour. The style we've been working on, the big ring greaves, use metal rings as the decoration and signify that the leather is reinforced. Like some other things we make they date back to the early days when there was a dearth of specific things to make the armour look heavier and more protective. Metal rings were available in hardwa... read more

Big Sewing Machine

24 Jul 2015

Arm Armour

Finally after several years of it sitting unused in the workshop I’ve got my big Singer sewing machine working. I bought it because it can sew up to half an inch of leather, imagine all the things I could do with that! Unfortunately I had no designs that needed that thickness of leather and over the years nothing leapt to the front of my imagination. Recently I decided that this had to chang... read more