Your first character’s kit By Jack Shannon

07 Apr 2021

larp kit

FANTASTIC! You’ve started LARPing! This is great news. But understandably, you’re feeling a *bit* wobbly about how to actually, y’know, put it all together. But hey, don’t worry! Your buddies at Darkblade are here with some tips. SORT YOUR BASE LAYER What the flip is a “base layer”? A base layer is the stuff that goes next to your skin. It’s the ... read more

Small Vambraces

26 Jul 2020

larp kit

Quite a while ago I settled on a one size fits most pattern for our vambraces. WIth four inches of adjustment they've mostly proved up to the task set them. Those peple who fell outside this range I was quite happy to offer a custom fit for the same pricce, in most cases it only involved moving the pattern around a bit. Recently though we've had a number of request for a smaller size as... read more