Role Playing Games

27 Aug 2020

5th ed

It became obvious fairly early on this year that Larp was not going to be providing the usual amount of work or money. Other avenues needed to be pursued. Luckily I know a lot of our customers are also table top gamers as well, in one form or another. Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer were mentioned often enough for it to be worth taking a look at what could be made in leather for that market. ... read more

Dice Cups

23 Jul 2020

5th ed

While things have been quiet I've had to look around for new things to build. One of the areas that I at least knew a little about was table top games, would there be any products for that which could be made from leather? I quickly found a number of possible avenues but settled on dice cups as the first one to try. It had the advantage that I coould easily adapt one of the designs we already ... read more