Studded body armour

13 Mar 2019

Lorien Trust

Today we've been cutting and punching several sets of studded body armour. They're not being used for Larp but instead for costumes at a medieval visitor attraction. They're not strictly medieval but they look close enough to people's Hollywood image that they pass muster. They were designed as a phys rep for studded armour which was in fact a coat with loads of small metal plates ... read more

Trading season starts

08 Feb 2016

Lorien Trust

This weekend saw the first of the events which involve us leaving the comfort and security of the workshop. It also marks the point where we have to do some work as we can't get the goblins to come out of the cellars to help us away from home. Gloucester was the destination, for the What's Your Game kit fair. Most of the usual Larp traders were there with one or two newer faces who'... read more

Silly Videos

24 Jul 2015

Lorien Trust

I’ve made a number of videos for the business over the last few years but they’ve been posted on my personal account. I’m now in the process of transfering them to an account for the business. I thought I’d share them on here just in case people haven’t seen them before. read more