Fur Mantle

24 Oct 2020

fur mantle

Occasionally people ask what's involved in making things so I thought I'd quickly run through the process of stuff as it landed on the workbench and time allowed. First up is the fur mantle, it was originally designed when I read the brief for Wintermark at Empire but it fits well with quite a few briefs. Picture 1, The fur. All the fur I use is synthetic. The quality of this has... read more

Toggle fastening fur mantle

14 Jan 2020

fur mantle

We've been making these for a year or so now, mainly with the Wintermark nation of the Empire Larp game in mind. We've sold a fair number but not as many as I thought the product deserved. With this in mind we had a rethink and decided to use a toggle to fasten it rather than a strap and buckle. While it doesn't fit the Wintermark brief any better it certainly gives it a wider appeal o... read more