Studded body armour

Today we've been cutting and punching several sets of studded body armour. They're not being used for Larp but instead for costumes at a medieval visitor attraction. They're not strictly medieval but they look close enough to people's Hollywood image that they pass muster. They were designed as a phys rep for studded armour which was in fact a coat with loads of small metal plates ... read more

Fiat lux

It's always been a problem, how to provide a light that looks th part in a fantasy setting without the inherent dangers of naked flames and combat. Having been next to someone who set fire to themselves during a time freeze it doesn't even have to be during a fight. There's also the scenario of canvas tents,alcohol and man's red fire. Various things have been tried, we sold batt... read more

Big Sewing Machine

Finally after several years of it sitting unused in the workshop I’ve got my big Singer sewing machine working. I bought it because it can sew up to half an inch of leather, imagine all the things I could do with that! Unfortunately I had no designs that needed that thickness of leather and over the years nothing leapt to the front of my imagination. Recently I decided that this had to chang... read more

Silly Videos

I’ve made a number of videos for the business over the last few years but they’ve been posted on my personal account. I’m now in the process of transfering them to an account for the business. I thought I’d share them on here just in case people haven’t seen them before. read more