Your first character’s kit By Jack Shannon

07 Apr 2021

LARP Costume

FANTASTIC! You’ve started LARPing! This is great news. But understandably, you’re feeling a *bit* wobbly about how to actually, y’know, put it all together. But hey, don’t worry! Your buddies at Darkblade are here with some tips. SORT YOUR BASE LAYER What the flip is a “base layer”? A base layer is the stuff that goes next to your skin. It’s the ... read more

Fur Mantle

24 Oct 2020

LARP Costume

Occasionally people ask what's involved in making things so I thought I'd quickly run through the process of stuff as it landed on the workbench and time allowed. First up is the fur mantle, it was originally designed when I read the brief for Wintermark at Empire but it fits well with quite a few briefs. Picture 1, The fur. All the fur I use is synthetic. The quality of this has... read more

Leaf Hood

14 Jul 2019

LARP Costume

Sometimes it takes us a little while to get stuff onto the website. Trying to get a good picture is part of the problem. While the choice of me or Pete gives a good value for old and gnarly it isn't always the look we're after. Derek can be a good stand in especially for Instagram as he's always around and can't object to what he's made to wear as he's a dummy. Add ont... read more

Hero Belt

15 Apr 2019

LARP Costume

Today I've been working on a custom length hero belt. These are really useful pieces of kit for a number of reasons. The standard belt is 4" wide with an inner belt that can be fully removed. This means that after you've loaded your belt up with all your pouches and scabbards when you take it off to go to the loo, put another layer one etc nothing moves around and it's easy t... read more

Sheepskin Mantle Cloak

12 Apr 2019

LARP Costume

Today was about building Sheepskin Mantle Cloaks. The programme Game of Thrones has had an influence on a number of designs but this has to be one of the more obvious ones. We make two versions, one which has the chest straps like to John Snow one and this one which keeps the nice fancy dragon hook fastening of the original cloak. It is basically three quarters of a sheepskin rug argued onto our h... read more