New Pouch Design WIP

04 Mar 2020

Empire LRP

This is a slightly more in depth look at a new pouch design I posted about on Facebook and Intagram recently. Last week one of my irregular leather suppliers turned up with some heavy upholstery leather(1.2mm) in a golden yellow. It reminded me of a picture I'd seen of a medieval pouch so I set out to make my own version. This was primarily intended for Empire where a medieval pouch of that... read more

Peacock Satchel

03 Feb 2020

Empire LRP

This was a customer request after they'd seen some of the other applique bags we've done in the past. Like all the applique work it presents a number of technical challenges.   The first challenge is creating the design. It can't be too complex or it will cost too much to cut and sew. It also has to be instantly recognisable as the thing it's supposed to be. No one want&... read more


27 Jan 2020

Empire LRP

Just recently we've been concentrating on getting stuff we've made onto the website. Over the summer months we come up with new products and put them into production for the Fests but never seem to get round to adding them to the website.   One of these is an adaptation of an existing product, the Chemisphere potion bottle. By adding a string of small led lights to the inside of... read more

Full scabbards

21 Jan 2020

Empire LRP

We make full scabbards both for our own swords and as custom fit for customer's own swords. In recent years we've also been cooperating with some of the weapon makers to provide scabbards to fit their swords which are sold on the same Larp circuit we trade at. It all started when customers came in asking for scabbards that would work with a particular style of sword which was heavily ... read more

Toggle fastening fur mantle

14 Jan 2020

Empire LRP

We've been making these for a year or so now, mainly with the Wintermark nation of the Empire Larp game in mind. We've sold a fair number but not as many as I thought the product deserved. With this in mind we had a rethink and decided to use a toggle to fasten it rather than a strap and buckle. While it doesn't fit the Wintermark brief any better it certainly gives it a wider appeal o... read more