This was a customer request after they'd seen some of the other applique bags we've done in the past. Like all the applique work it presents a number of technical challenges.


The first challenge is creating the design. It can't be too complex or it will cost too much to cut and sew. It also has to be instantly recognisable as the thing it's supposed to be. No one want's to have to explain that it's a badger, hedgehog. Logos are a good source of inspiration for shapes as they have to be instantly recognisable and yet simple. This one started out from the ABC news logo and went through a couple of iterations to end up in it's final form.


Second challenge is fitting it onto the satchel. The base satchel itself isn't a problem as it's one of our standard items but the flap may need lengthening which has a knock on effect on where the fastening, be it toggle or buckle is positioned. The finished design wants to sit with most of the design on the vertical but some of the design curving over onto the top so it's visible to the wearer. It's not always possible but it gives the best display to the most viewers.


Third challenge is just sewing the thing. It's a tight tolerance on the stitching and if you miss the edge it can ruin the whole panel and you have to start again. It's especially the case if you've got any small pieces to sew as they can disappear under the sewing foot leaving you guessing. The Mouse pouch is a prime example as the mouse is about life sized sewn onto the flap of a standard pouch.


We added gems to the ends of the feathers just because we could and finished it off by using tiny stick on gems for the eye and the ends of the crest.


If you want to see the end result in the flesh then it's in the Brass Coast camp at the Empire events.