One of the things we've always struggled with is how to get a more irregular or tribal look to some of our work. Some people can just pick up a piece of leather, make a few cuts and hey presto a perfectly ragged, yet somehow in proportion tribal piece of kit is made. All our patterns and techniques use straight lines and smooth curves with hole spacing marked out regularly on patterns so every piece come out the same. The answer(well partial) was provided when my daughter came to help at the workshop at the start of the summer holidays. She was given the job of sorting the offcuts from previous work but during lunch she started putting pieces together like a jigsaw. The possibility was obvious so we glued and stitched this small panel together then treated it like any of our other vambraces so we got a tribal look but could use all our normal techniques. It's not a perfect answer as it's somewhat time consuming piecing together the bits but it's given us the start of a look that has long eluded us.