We've been a bit busy for the last few weeks, hence a lack of updates on here. While we've got another couple of shows comeing up in the next few weeks I just wanted to grab the time to talk about our latest products. A couple of months ago someone showed us a fantastic potion holder that had a spherical glass bottle in it. We loved the idea of spherical potions but glass is obviously a no no for use in the field so we started looking round. The first people we talked to were the suppliers we use for our standard potion bottles. They had a mould that had been used to make souvenir golf ball shaped miniatures. Unfortunately as well as being dimpled they had a minimum run of 10,000. Further searching though turned up a local company who had them in multiple sizes. We started with the 250ml to create the Chemisphere, then decided that while that was great for carrying water and drinks at Fests it was a little large for a true potion bottle so we bought some of the 100ml ones as well for the Chemisphere mini. People have now asked if we can see them just the bottle so we've aded them to the website as well. So if you have an alchemist charater you could do worse that add some spherical bottles to your collection.