Larp, LARP Costume, hero belt

Today I've been working on a custom length hero belt. These are really useful pieces of kit for a number of reasons. The standard belt is 4" wide with an inner belt that can be fully removed. This means that after you've loaded your belt up with all your pouches and scabbards when you take it off to go to the loo, put another layer one etc nothing moves around and it's easy to put the belt back on. This might not seem like a big deal but wait until you try getting three pouches, two scabbards and a belt sash back in the position when the general is yelling you to quarters.

The second thing they're good for is support. You're probably wearing a lot more stuff than you do in day to day life and having the load spread over a wider area is helpful especially if you're in chain.

Lastly they just look cool, they say you mean business so have a look at our straight hero belts, other styles are available.