Today was about building Sheepskin Mantle Cloaks. The programme Game of Thrones has had an influence on a number of designs but this has to be one of the more obvious ones. We make two versions, one which has the chest straps like to John Snow one and this one which keeps the nice fancy dragon hook fastening of the original cloak. It is basically three quarters of a sheepskin rug argued onto our hooded wool cloak. The trick is working out which bit of the sheepskin to cut out so that it sits properly on the shoulders when it's sewn onto the cloak. We started off by looking at our existing hood pattern to give us a clue then did some dummy runs using cheap fun fur on a cotton cloak with a similar cut to the wool ones. This gave us the pattern we use now but there's still a bit of judgement needed as all the sheepskins are a slightly different size and shape.