I've just been chatting to a new player who's coming to the first Empire Larp event this year. He wanted some guidance for his kit in the Navarr nation and I thought the advice I sent him might have relevance for any other new player. It's not exhaustive but a starting point. The colour palette for Navarr is autumnal greens and browns.

First off, footwear. Most important is that you're comfortable. Something dark, fairly waterproof with good grip. I tend to use combat boots for most characters although I've got some fancier boots I've collected over the years. Other people use hiking boots. Nobody is going to say anything unless you've got neon Nike swooshes on white trainers. Also if they're new boots break them in properly before the event as you'll be on your feet a lot.


Trousers, brief says tight on the lower leg so a pair of greaves, boot toppers or just some basic wrapping to pull them to your calf would be good. The actual trousers just need to be nondescript brownish, not too baggy. The cotton larp trousers would also work for this. Charity shop trousers with the crease ironed out are a cheap option if you can find any. If you do head to charity shops then have a look for scarves in greens and browns to wrap round your neck/head, adds to the layers.


For the body a short cape would work as a top layer over a viking coat to keep you warm. Almost any straight cut shirt would work under the coat, just keep in mind the colour palette.


Wide hero belt to cinch it all in and give you something to hang all your stuff off.


Pouches I'd go for a large belt pouch and a purse pouch to start with as it gives you enough to carry a wallet and bits and pieces.