Empire Larp, Larp

Today's highlight was not building stuff but chatting to a couple of new players. They rang out of the blue to see if we were an actual shop or mail order only. Now we're not a proper shop with opening times and a fancy display but we're happy for people to ring and make an appointment to poke around in the stockroom and talk to us about Larp in general and the specific game if we know about it.

Turns out they're going to the Empire game as a couple of orcs. That's a bold choice for first time characters but I know the orcs ar Empire have great time and Empire's new player care is second to none. They had a good rummage and dug out some bits and pieces to add depth to their costumes and went away really looking forward to the fisrt event which is only a couple of weeks away now.

If you've always fancied playing Empire then click on the link.