New products can come at any time not just when you've decided to make a new variation. A 250ml spherical plastic bottle landed on my desk a few days ago and screamed at me to design a way of carrying it. I used a laced together design, not something that I normally do but there were a couple of reasons. First it needed to be something that could be taken apart and reused with a replacement bottle when the original one inevitably got crushed and secondly it 's very difficult to close a rivet when there's plastic bottle in the way. 

The first test showed that the microfibre cord we were using was a little light for the job and could potentially fail in time. This test consisted of making a carrier up, filling the bottle with water then jumping around like a loon whilst waving the carrier by it's belt strap as violently as possible to simulate heroically running away very fast, quite a few time. The bottle change test showed that we'd need to give people a new length of cord along with the new bottle as the knots were almost impossible to undo after you'd bravely run away.

We finished with a naming competition on Facebook, best name won a sphere, hence we have the fantastic name for them now, the Chemisphere.