Today's build was potion pouches. Everyone needs a way to carry their potions while on a larp so we designed a range of pouches to do this. In the bad old days of diy we used to collect those little shampoo bottles from hotels and make small pouches to put them in. This is fine when you're only sorting stuff out for your own character because you only need a handful of bottles. When you want to do it commercially then it's a differant story. Eventually we tracked down the poeple who actually made the bottle before they were filled only to be told that the minimum order quantity was 900. In for a penny and all that, we bought the 900(we had to put every cap on as they came seperately) and started making a variety of pouches. Luckily they proved a success and we got rid of the 900 bottles within six months with people buying the bottles on their own as well as in pouches. At a rough estimate since we found those little bottles in 2001 we've put 50,000 of them into circulation on the larp field making them the classic potion bottle for most games