I thought it was important to write something about the new injection moulded swords we're now selling. Injection moulded stuff has been around for years and some of it has been truly awful. Advances have been made in foam control which has lead to more consistant foam density for the blade and cast rubber for the handgrips and pommels has been accepted a suitable material from which to make accidental contact areas of weapons from in several systems.

All that said this is still new territory for most Larpers so we wanted to reassure our customers about the injection moulded blades we sell. If you buy one of our blades and the weapons checkers fail it when you proudly present them your new purchase then we will give you a full refund whether you bought it last week or three months ago, no arguments, weasling or otherwise trying to get out of it.

They were passed at LT and PD last year but not at CP. We will be sending samples to the CP weapon checkers for their opinion later this year. Some clubs are OK with them, others are not, so you should check before ordering. We're quite happy to talk to your local system weapon checkers as well so don't be shy in getting them to ring us.

We'll be at all the mainline LT and PD events and Renewal so if you want a closer look drop in and say hi.

There are other injection moulded swords out there as well, just make sure that the seller can reassure you that it will be passed at your system and that they will refund you if it isn't. There are some nice looking european ones available but check what the handle is made from as some of them are a harder plastic which doesn't pass in as many systems. If it's cheap and on E-bay then you'll probably get what you pay for.

If you have any questions then feel free to contact us.