Getting your first ever kit together can be really intimidating. Firstly, knowing where to start and secondly with all the time and money involved.

Costume standards in LARP have been steadily increasing, with some players looking like they have just stepped off a film set. This is obviously a good thing, as I’m sure some of the more silver haired players can remember leather biker trousers and spray painted string-mail. However, it is quite am ambitious standard to set.

Well never fear! (unless someone casts FEAR on you obviously, in which case please roleplay appropriately) Darkblade is here!



Think unique, buy generic.


For your first kit, try to make sure it would suit a range of different characters. There are a few good reasons for this:

  • You character dies and you need to make a new one

  • You get bored of your current nation/group/guild

  • You decide to play in other systems and don’t want to buy entirely new kit.


Start with a solid base layer which will work for a range of characters. Then, add little accessories and flourishes to help it stand out. For example, jewellery, sashes, make up and pouches.

As well as kit, add mannerisms like the way this character walks, speaks and acts to help you stand out from the crowd.


The Tunics and Trousers we offer are a great way to



Keeping everything together


When you first go to LARP there is a massive temptation to try and take everything you could possibly need onto the field. You are not a pack mule (unless you are playing a pack mule in which case I sincerely apologise) so don’t try to carry everything with you.

That being said, make sure you have somewhere to keep stuff. Having two pouches is a good idea. One for in game items like coins, gems and maps and another for your personal out of game items- like your phone, wallet and fags if you smoke. Try not to get them mixed up so you don’t try to bribe a guard with a Natwest card…
Also, somewhere to keep your weapon. Walking around all day with a sword drawn will get you funny look from the guards and also, a tired arm.


The Combo Deals are a great way to get a pouch for your coins and misc tat, a tankard loop for a drinking vessel and a weapon sheath for that brand new sword! C and D also come with some armour to get you started.



The best piece of advice that gets ignored the most is this: DRINK LOTS OF WATER.
Beer does not count as water.

You can’t have a fun weekend if you are in the first aid tent with heat stroke or passed out on the battlefield.


Try to have something you can drink out of in the evenings around the campfire, like a horn or tankard.
For the battlefield, make sure you have a wineskin with you. They look in character and they will mean you can charge the enemy line heroically instead of falling over panting in the shade.