For the latest new products I've asked some other people to get involved with the writing of blurb and blog entries. This is the first of them

The Blackguard Helmet

“He cut us down. All of us. Laughing while he did it. He was huge, like an oak and he wore this dark helmet that showed only his eyes…”

The Blackguard is a strong, solid helmet designed to withstand the rigors of battle while still being comfortable - this helmet is a serious piece of kit that will get you noticed.
And with an adjustable visor, you can take on the oh-so-important mid battle water, as there is nothing worse than a dehydrated Dark Lord.

Stay anonymous with the visage concealing faceplate- or pull it up to let your enemies gaze upon their doom!

Perfect for:
Big Evil Bad Guys, sinister guards and brutal orcs.

Available in either moustache twirling black leather or bestial savage brown.

Suggested complimentary products:

Dragonscale Bridle Gauntlets

Articulated bridle Gauntlets of heavy leather with overlapping Dragon scale decoration. Each scale is cut from heavy leather 3-3.5mm thick and then overlapped onto a heavy leather base meaning in some places the leather is 10mm thick.

The NoT GoT Cloak

A heavy wool cloak with a sheepskin mantle. Fastens by a belt which wraps round the body and does up at the back, very comfortable, very secure. Might possibly have been inspired by the Game of Thrones cloaks.

Hospitaller Sword

Elegant sword with clean lines too good to waste on most of the vermin. 42" larp sword built to comply with all the major system requirements.


By Jack Shannon of the Goblin Collective