Looks like Tim hasn't posted anything in here for a while. He will probably say he has been too busy....I think he has been riding his Triumph in the nice sunny weather !

Not too sure what to say/post. I could say the day started with a healthy fry-up at the local cafe, a trip to Castleton and Grindleford in the Peak District and then listened to the Man Utd v Arsenal game but that just depressed me as we lost 2-0 ! Looks like the Europa league final is the priority but just hope the plan doesn't backfire !

Workwise - yup we have been busy in the workshop with a flurry of orders and as Tim was trading at 2 events on consecutive weekends things have got a bit headless-chicken. Looks like we should be back on top of things early this week and we have orders going out with the couriers in the morning.

Main items appear to have been Ladies and Mens Armour, Chirurgeon Companions (one going out to the USA) and LARP Helmets...oh and the usual assortment of LARP Pouches and LARP Costume.

Anyway, Tim doesn't know I have written this so it will be a nice pleasant surprise for him...