Inspiration for players comes from a variety of sources, computer games being one of them. We've had a stab at a twin back scabbard based on the ones from the Witcher series of games. This is the first pass based on the single back scabbard we already make

It's not a copy of the Witcher one as there are plenty of people making replicas but an attempt to give the same look if someones character visualisation called for it. We found a couple of problems, the first being that the hilts of the swords get in each others way so you'd have to draw them in a set sequence, depending on which one you put away first. The second is more noticable and that's the tendancy of the swords to twist the scabbard to the vertical. I think this could be sorted by making the shoulder strap run straighter over the shoulder to the middle of the belt back and front rather than having it only conect on the opposite hip.