Orc, larp helmet, orc helmet

I do like the look of this helmet. It was obviously inspired by some of the orc helmets from Lord of the Rings, but it's one thing to see a picture and another to actually get a similar sort of look when it's in three dimensions and a different material. The spikes took quite a while to get right and have to be exacly the right combination of thickness and flexibility. Too thick and you can't bend them over, too stiff and the leather cracks despite oiling. Too thin of flexible and they droop, not the most intimidating for looks. The cutout on the jaw followed a similar line to those in the film then I found that by altering it slightly the wearer could show thier bottom set of teeth/tusks if they were wearing any. The cutout also made them easier to hear, always useful when speech is muffled by a mask or teeth.

In this case the customer requested a dark brown rather than a tan. I think this colour is one of the best leathers we have for orc stuff. I like to describe it as a dirty brown. It's an oiled leather with a pull up feature to it and you can never imagine anyone looking shiny wearing it, definately a leather for the businesslike mercenary or the tattered orc. I shall have to see if I can get hold of some more and make some of our orc scale from it.