wool cloak, larp cloak

I've had an idea how we could build wool cloaks a bit like the ones on Game of Thrones for a couple of years now. I've always held off because a good friend started building a similar item even before the series came out. They were works of art and although the pricetag was hefty you could see where the money was. He's since quit the circuit, something to do with the endless rain, mud and wind we sometimes have to put up with at the field events and got a real job indoors with heating and regular pay. As a consequence I don't feel like I'm stepping on his toes so this is my first stab.

The pale sheepskin is the first thing I'm changing, brown and black ones are on order, but it was the only one I had to hand for proof of concept. Next thing is the wool ties, I'll trim those back and add the crossed belts. Lastly is trying to build it with the hood. Hopefully have an improved version in a couple of weeks. And hopefully a better picture.