It's always been a problem, how to provide a light that looks th part in a fantasy setting without the inherent dangers of naked flames and combat. Having been next to someone who set fire to themselves during a time freeze it doesn't even have to be during a fight. There's also the scenario of canvas tents,alcohol and man's red fire.

Various things have been tried, we sold battery powered candles for a while, and while they create good atmospherics you can't exactly see to read. The various solar power little lights out there are also good but again limited to atmospherics.

Tha advent of powerful battery powered led lights is changing all this, White Rose Apparel have set some led lights into resin cast to resemble crystal cluster. I've also seen wands with decent light built into them (in the knob on the end naturally)

After a bit of hunting I think I've found a lamp that we can build into a leather cup so it looks like a globe sitting there. Now I've built the prototype I'll make a few more, possibly with variations and take them to the next Empire event and see if I found a solution to possible conflagrations.